Order Form for NJCGS Patchespicture of Shabbat patch

To order patches, print this form and return along with a check payable to:
National Jewish Committee on Girl Scouting
5 McLeod Terrace
New City, New York 10956
Note: you may fill out the form either before or after printing.
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Our patch says "Shabbat," the Hebrew word for Sabbath. Our patch is two inches at its highest point and the base is three inches wide.

The patch can be presented to any girl who attends a Girl Scout Shabbat Service, or Girl Scout Shabbat event, or who wears her Girl Scout uniform to services during Girl Scout Week. The girl must be identified as a Girl Scout by either being in uniform or wearing her Girl Scout pin.
Further questions can be sent to njcgs.comm@gmail.com

We like to hear about how our materials are being used. Please, fill out the following information about the occasion for which the patches will be presented.

Occasion Date
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A brief description:
Girl Scout Shabbat Patch $1.00 ea
Total - this order (enclose payment)
Please allow at least two weeks for processing.


Last updated May 4, 2015