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Frequently Asked Questions

Regarding Jewish Girls in Girl Scouting

How do I find a Jewish Girl Scout troop for my daughter?

Most Girl Scout troops, especially Daisy, Brownie and Junior Girl Scouts, are organized at local schools.  Girl Scouting believes strongly in inclusion.  Therefore, no girl is to be denied membership based on ethnicity, religion or physical ability.  
While no troop is inherently Jewish, some troops are based in synagogues or Jewish Community Centers or other places with a religious affiliation.  A girl does not have to be of that religion to join that troop.

To find a troop for your daughter, start by calling your local Girl Scout Council.  It will be listed in the phone book under Girl Scouts.

How does the National Jewish Committee on Girl Scouting (NJCGS) help?

We are a committee that serves as a bridge between Girl Scouting and the Jewish community.  We are not a council and do not form troops.  
The NJCGS has field liaisons in many Girl Scout Councils.  Your local liaison may know of a troop that has Jewish members.  To contact your local liaison, call your council office or e-mail NJCGS.

About the Jewish Award Program for Girl Scouts

Where does a Jewish  award go on the Girl Scout uniform?

The award pin is worn on the right side of the uniform, in line with the Girl Scout Membership Pin worn on the left side. On the insignia vest or sash, the pin is worn below the membership stars or troop numbers and above the next insignia.
The pin can only be worn while the girl is still in that program level, e.g. the Lehavah pin (Brownie level) cannot be worn on the Junior Girl Scout uniform.  However, the religious award patches may be worn on the back of the vest or sash of any age level.
To see an illustration, go to the GSUSA insignia page and select the appropriate uniform.

Why aren't the requirements for the Jewish  Awards for Girl Scouts available on the web?

There are three reasons why we have decided not to place the requirements on the internet.
1.  By having girls and leaders order our books directly from us, we have an idea of who is working on the awards.  When our volunteers mail the books, and later the awards, they also notify the local liaison who can follow-up.  It's our way of being in touch with Girl Scouts from the Jewish community.
2.  There is a cost attached to developing, maintaining, and printing our various materials (including this very web site.)  By charging a fee, we recover some of that cost.
3. While more and more people have computers and access to the internet, not everyone does.  If we had the requirements available on-line, those who can least afford them would be the only ones unable to access them for free.

Additionally, the books have useful information as well as requirements.  We have found that most girls like having a nice book better than a printed list on a piece of paper.

How can I order the pins and patches and what do they cost?

Order forms for the pins and patches are in the books for each award. The pins are under $10 each and the patches are under $2 each. We will send pins when we have received a copy of the girls' completed record of requirements, the order form and payment. We try to have a rapid turn-around but please allow at least two weeks for our volunteers to process and mail.

Who can be a Jewish Award advisor?

The advisor can be a rabbi, a cantor, a Jewish educator or another knowledgeable Jewish adult.

Must a girl belong to a synagogue to earn her award?

A Jewish Girl Scout does not need to belong to a synagogue.  Brownie and Junior Girl Scouts may work
with a family member or another person of the Jewish faith. Since the Awards, like all Girl Scout activities, are progressively  more difficult with each age level, Cadette and Senior Girl Scouts are encouraged to work more closely with a rabbi or other Jewish educator, when it can be arranged.   

Does a Girl Scout have to be Jewish to earn one of the Jewish Awards?

Either the girl herself, one of her parents or one of her grandparents must be Jewish for the girl to earn her award.

Who should review the activities completed by the girl to receive an Award?

Either the girl's advisor or a member of the local Jewish Committee on Girl Scouting (if one exists) must review and sign off on the work before the girl can receive the award.

Do you have to complete lower level awards to be eligible for present level?

No, the lower level award is not necessary.  Each Jewish Girl Scout Award is designed to be age level appropriate.  Therefore a girl can only work on the Award for her own program age level.  

The National Jewish Committee on Girl Scouting, Inc gratefully acknowledges the generous support of Violet Zall Hordes Foundation.


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