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Blessings, Graces and Prayers

Graces and prayers are part of Jewish daily life. They are also part of Girl Scouting. Girl Scouts traditionally say grace before meals. Jewish Girl Scouts may say grace before and after meals. The girls may know the appropriate prayers and graces or they may want to create their own. You can find non-denominational graces in: Sing Along, Chansons de Notre Chalet, Cansiones de Nuestra Cabana, etc. All graces should be non-denominational in a mixed setting.

When referring to the Almighty in writing, a starting capital letter must be used. Make sure that all references to Divinity are strictly singular in nature. Note that some branches of Judaism, try to use gender neutral references, so "Lord" below might be replaced with "Creator" or the Hebrew "Adonai."

Some examples of graces are:

Before Meals

We bless You, O Lord, Ruler of the universe, who brings forth bread from the earth and fruit from the trees.

Lord of all, we ask Your special care for us as we pause in thanks for this food. Bless us and keep us in humility.

Everlasting God, bless this food and the hands of those who prepared it.
We all are in Your hands in this world.
Strenghten us to do Your work.

After Meals

We bless You O Lord, who gives food to all.
We bless You O Lord, our God, for the land and the food.

Almighty God, You have allowed the bounty of this good land to be spread before us while many of Your children are hungry. We give thanks for our blessings and pray that You will always keep us aware of the needs of others.

A Girl Scouts' Own is spiritual in nature. The girls may write or organize their own program. Remember, no writing is permitted on the Sabbath, but singing is welcome. Your program can be developed beforehand and can include traditional, non-traditional and original material.

When you are with Jewish girls on the Sabbath a simple service can be held. The girls may know the order of service and can conduct it by themselves. The girls may want to write their own service which should be prepared beforehand. (You may want to consult with a parent or a Rabbi.)

A nice rendition of Taps is always acceptable in the evening at bedtime, except on Friday night.

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